Why I Knit?

Knitting is currently an in-activity. Novels and celebrities extol the virtues of knitting. However, for me, it is not about the popularity of the craft. As I am finishing my annual holiday projects, I have been thinking about how much enjoyment knitting has brought me since my grandmother taught me to knit many years ago. There have been lots of socks, sweaters, mittens, and caps since then.

Here are seven reasons I knit.

  • Knitting is:
    1. Something to do with my hands. I am a tactile person and also enjoy playing piano & computer keyboarding.
    2. A great way to cure writer's block - or something to resort to when I want to procrastinate.
    3. An outlet for creative expression. I really enjoy multi-colored Scandinavian designs and intricate patterns.
    4. A way to create gifts to express my love.
    5. A way to connect with my grandchildren. I have very much enjoyed teaching two of my grandchildren to knit.
    6. Tool for meditation or contemplation. Getting lost in an intricate pattern is a great way to tune stress out.
    7. Most of the time I like the results.

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