What we will cover today:

Do you usually use a computer/laptop or a smartphone or tablet?

Have you visited the Residents’ Council website (https://ccicharlestown.org)?

Do you have it bookmarked?

Are you registered to use MyErickson?

Do you have the app for your smartphone (iPhone, Android) or tablet (iPad)?

Goals for Today

Our goal for today is to have you leave much more comfortable in finding information about Charlestown on the Residents’ Council website and on MyErickson.

We want you to:

1. Understand the 3 different ways to find things on the Residents’ Council Website – Browse, Navigate by Menus, and Searching

2. Understand how to find things on MyErickson and how to use its Search

3. Know what to expect to find on the CCICharlestown.org website and what is not going to be found on it – similarly what can be found on MyErickson and what is not there.

4. Learn about some CCICharlestown.org Treasures and the MyErickson Treasures


Residents’ Website Mission

The Residents’ Council website is a tool that residents and others can use to become informed about the various activities and services at Charlestown. It is sponsored by the Charlestown Residents’ Council. It is developed and managed by residents for residents.

A little about our history