Three ways to find your way on

1. 1. Browse by clicking on front-page icons

2. Navigate by selecting topics from pull-down menus

3. Search
(put what you are looking for in the search box)

Example: Search for “Caribbean Social” or “On Golden Pond”

Three ways to find your way on MyErickson

1. UseĀ  Guide to familiarize yourself with the site.

2. Enter search term at top of section.

Under Community Videos, i.e., enter Admin Update to get to those videos.
Under Resident Directory, enter a resident name to find the profile of a resident. Or enter apartment floor (HR-3), to get all residents living on that floor.

3. Use Search icon for all of My Erickson at top right near your profile icon.

There is no search of What’s Happening content.

Use Search on for Club meetings
What’s Happening allows you to scroll through the screen to find the content.