What is on CCICharlestown.org?

 Information about the Council Рpictures of Council members, their terms, Council minutes back to Sept. 2018, committees, committee information, bylaws

Council Announcements
Dining Getting Started
Campus Info Help
Resident Life Useful Sites
General Services Site Map
Health News
Giving Contact Us
Continuing care Search

Content created by residents going back to 2013

Content of interest to residents that we have requested from staff

Links to topics on MyErickson to help you find them there

What is on MyErickson?

Community Finance
Dining (including Restaurant Reservations) Resident Resources
Meal Plan Balance Donate
Activities Newsletters
Clubs and Groups Community TV
Healthcare Messages
Whats Happening Fitness
Residents’ Council Community Videos
Resident Directory Photos
Department Directory Forms
Local Directory Volunteer
Transportation and Signup Patient Portal

What is on both? (Lots of things)

1. Dining Menus

2. Club information

3. Shuttle Tracker

4. NetNutrition

5. Patient Portal

6. Announcements

7. And More