Hope’s Publications


  • Internet Tools of the Profession: A Guide for Special Librarians, 2nd edition. (editor) Washington, D.C.: SLA, 1997.
  • Internet and Special Librarians: Use, Training and the Future.  Washington, D.C.: SLA, 1993. (book co-authored  with Sharyn J. Ladner)
  • Special Librarians and the Internet/NREN. In Charles McClure,  Libraries and the Internet/NREN. Meckler, 1994. (chapter in book co-authored with  Sharyn Ladner)
  • Special Librarians and the Internet: A Descriptive Study. In  Ann  Bishop, Ed. Emerging Communities: Integrating Networked Information into  Library Services. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Graduate  School of Library and Information Science, 1994, pp. 156-72. (chapter in  book co-author with Sharyn Ladner)

Periodical Articles

  • Lessons Learned from Y2K. Information Outlook 3 (#10), October 1999.
  • The New Information Technology Division. Information Outlook 3 (#5), May 1999.
  • Shopping on the Net. Information Outlook 2 (#6), June 1998 .
  • Quality Librarian Web Sites. Information Outlook 1 (#3), March 1997, pp. 25-26, 46.
  • editor/author of World Wide Web Review Column Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship, volume 2, 1996-1997.

#1, The Argus Clearinghouse

#2, BSchoolWeb

#3, Hoovers
#4, Business Researcher’s Interests

  • Education Gophering on the Internet. Ed Bulletin of the Education  Division of SLA 16 (#2), Spring 1994, pp. 13-20.
  • Training Real People.– A Course to Prepare the Internet to do real  work: Developing a Course for Librarians. Internet World 4 #8 (Sept.-Oct.  1993), 37-41. (magazine article co-author with Marian Bremer)

Internet Publications

  • Evaluating Quality on the Net
  • Business Sources on the Net, Guide to Business Information on the Internet. This is a part of Internet history now, last updated in 1996 and now only of historical value. Author of Chapters on Computer/MIS, Operations Management/Management Science,
    Human Resources/Personnel Management Chapter, and Locating Information on Companies, Organizations, and Individuals Chapters.